14 September 2006

Hail Eris! All Hail Discordia!

Some days are just so good, you wish you could wake up and experience them all over again. Astronomers have decided to officially name the planetoid formerly known as Xena as "Eris", after the goddess of chaos.

The more astute of you will remember that this was not the first attempt by the Illuminati to take control of space, back in 2000 a US firm, Golden Apple, offered to invest $20 Million to keep Mir in orbit, for purposes unknown but probably linked to construction of an orbital death platform, um, I mean, a space hotel.

So now not only will all our schoolbooks (fnord) have to be rewritten, each and every child born from today on will grow up in a world illuminated by the distant light of Eris.

I for one welcome our new Discordian masters.


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