06 September 2006

Fear leads to Anger. Anger leads to Hate. Hate leads to XP.

I have succumbed to the Dark Side. I have Fallen. I have thrown my lot in with the Infernal Legions of the Dammed.

I have installed Windows XP on my Mac Mini.

The process itself was relatively painless (upgrade firmware, download Boot Camp, burn Mac drivers cd, install Boot Camp, partition drive, Install XP, all done in about 45 minutes). The effect on my immortal soul will perhaps be less so.

Why have I committed this heinous crime against nature? Because so many things that I have need XP*.

For example, to upgrade the OS on my Nokia 770 (a linux device), I need to install software from a machine running XP. I assumed that an upgrade could be done by downloading directly from the Nokia site, but no, you need to connect it via usb to an XP machine. That's like starting the space shuttle with a crank handle.

So far its been pretty stable, but then again I haven't really used it to do anything. I'm like a parent at their child's first day at school; I'm afraid to let my Mini connect to the internet in case it catches anything and gets sick.

Like bird flu.

* Of course the Buddha would say "To remove the pain of XP, one should have less things"


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