14 September 2006

Don't want to spend my life a mere Monoped...

And the day keeps getting better. Now comes news that Toyota has developed a giant hopping robot leg. Over 3 feet high, with technology that might one day be applicable for a two-legged robot.


Not content with developing football-playing, meat-eating, self-replicating robots, Toyota have decided to one-up their rivals in Honda by creating a robot with no imaginable purpose other than kicking the human race when it is down, crushing it underfoot while the cooler robots wile away their evening singing, dancing or playing the trumpet.

We are so screwed.


At 8:52 pm, Blogger elwhine-o said...

...can it hop though? surely with no body to push against it would only make and upwards and downwards motion?

and i'd much rather be chase by one leg than by one arm...one arm - now that would be freaky. don't tell Toyota.


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