23 August 2006

We're getting the band back together!

Just back from the fabulous New Haven, Connecticut, birthplace of the ketchup-less Hamburger, the Frisbee, the Revolver, burnt Pizza, George W. Bush, Sesame Street and Doonesbury. The Very Understanding Girlfriend was in Toronto for the week and flew into the Have' on Friday night. I decided pretty last minute to meet her there, and after sampling the boneshaking delights of Aer Lingus and Metro North I met up with the inessential Mr. Tim and his far-better half Nicole (sorry Mr. Tim, but you know I speak the truth) and journeyed up to Bradley "I can't believe its not an" International Airport to meet the VUG.

The Have' was great; it seemed that the stars were aligned and many of our old friends were in town, either visiting or pretending to finish their research, and a most enjoyable night was had in Miya's (the best vegetarian sushi in the world). I got to spend most of Monday with Mr. Tim and Nicole, and the crazy thing was how normal it all seemed. As many, if not all, of my friends know, I am very, very, *very* bad at keeping in touch, but the amazing thing is that it didn't matter - I haven't seen Mr. Tim in two years, but it was like no time had passed at all, it was almost as if we picked up the same conversation from where we left off two years ago. Hopefully we will get to see them again soon here in Dublin.

The only thing that was missing from the weekend was the equally fantastic Dawn, who was somewhere between Chicago, Ohio and Ancient Greece, so to make ourselves feel better we called round to her house and rearranged all her furniture (bwah-ha-ha).

Curious image of the weekend, the Worthington School for Hookers. Now that's what the Have' has that Dublin doesn't...


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