07 August 2006

Stick a Fourkend in it, its done

"What could possibly be better than a threekend (a three-day weekend)?" I hear you ask, why a Fourkend of course.

A Fourkend? But of course, the magical experience that is taking an extra day off around a Bank Holiday weekend. The concept of a Bank Holiday weekend is a funny one, in other countries they have public holidays to celebrate independence, revolutions, deities, and possibly trees; here in Ireland we celebrate the days that the banks close. Again this is ironic because given the current lack of service or customer-friendly opening hours we really should be celebrating the days that the banks are actually open.

But no matter, today is the fantastic August Bank Holiday, and I am not in work. I will also not be in work tomorrow, for I am taking a Fourkend. And I have only checked my work email once today.

There was a time when I used to wish that work could do without me for a while. When I worked for America's favorite cable television provider I used to get called into the office every Saturday and Sunday like clockwork because invariably something would go wrong with pay-per-view Monkey Knife Fighting, Extreme Eating, or When Stuff Goes Pearshaped (Live!), and I would have to be on-site, not to fix anything, but to be a live body that someone in Head Office could yell down a phone at. Three years and a few more grey hairs later, I find that I am no longer needed in the office, that my department can do very well without me. It almost makes me feel lonely and obsolete. Perhaps I should phone someone in the office and yell at them to make me feel better?

Actually the weather is too nice to yell at anyone, as shown above. I love Fourkends.


At 1:31 am, Blogger arjedre said...

Sounds great! I really can't wait to have a chance to see you and TVUG. Enjoy the fourkend.


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