26 August 2006

Now I'm a believer

I am now a firm believer in magic. I had my doubts, but now in the face of irrefutable evidence, I am a believer. I was sitting down working on my laptop (and by laptop I mean portable computer, as Apple would prefer that you don't actually try putting your MacBook Pro on your lap in case you permanently and irrevocably burn your nether regions) and thought to myself, "wow, I would really love a tasty cappuccino right about now". Then, as if by magic, a cappuccino appeared.


Last week an amazing thing happened, a slow food cafe and cake shop opened in the courtyard of our building. Our wonderfully sustainable building that consists of seven apartments (no two alike), the office of the architect that designed the building, and now a cake shop. A cake shop that makes a really amazing cappuccino.

It took me less than 30 seconds from thinking about a cappuccino to standing in the shop ordering one. I even brought my own mug.

Now that's magic!


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