23 August 2006

In a New York minute

So after we left the Have', we spent the next 24 hours in New York. This allowed us to enjoy a fantastic meal in the Candle Cafe with a few friends. New York is a great place for vegetarians and when we lived in the Have' the Very Understanding Girlfriend and I would sneak down to the city once in a blue moon to treat ourselves to the amazing food at Vegetarian's Paradise 2 and Hangawi, possibly the best Korean restaurant in the city (and all vegetarian).

We stayed at the Muse Hotel, which was great; central location, large rooms, friendly staff. I mention this because it is part of the Kimpton Hotel group, a small group of environmentally friendly eco-hotels, the best of which (in my opinion) is the Triton in San Francisco. I am always happy to see when businesses have a genuinely green side and I don't mind spending a little bit more to support them.

No trip to the Big Apple would be complete with out a trip to the big Apple. We dropped by Apple's new flagship store at about 11:30pm, and the place was hopping. I was really surprised to see so many people in the store, people were queuing up at the Genius Bar and getting appointments for 1 am; it was almost as if this was a city that didn't sleep, or something to that effect. The store was impressive; the staff, however, were not.

Now to be fair it was way past everybody's bedtime, but we went to the store with a mission, to secure a USB/Serial Adapter for an old LaserWriter that the Very Understanding Girlfriend has. After attracting the attention of one of Mr. Jobs' finest, she was told, "nope, we wouldn't have one of those, have you tried CompUSA?". She then inquired about a Riser for her Powerbook. She has one of the early ones that open 180 degrees, so with a special Riser you can have them stand completely vertically. "Nope," came the reply, "we wouldn't have one of those, have you tried CompUSA?". So what exactly does the Apple flagship store sell?

Coloured iPod socks.

Now to be fair there were quite a few computers on sale, and I am sure I saw a copy of Reason or two, but the iPod stuff definitely outnumbered the Mac stuff by a large margin. So while the potential for a serious "kid in a candy shop" experience was there, I amazingly enough walked away without purchasing a single thing.

I'm not quite sure what this means yet.


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