08 July 2006

In the Air tonight

Occasionally you come across a program and you find yourself wondering how you ever lived without it. Airfoil is one of those programs (or at least it is if you have a wireless network with multiple Airports, which I do). Apple's Airtunes is a great feature that lets you stream music from iTunes to speakers connected to any single Airport on your network. The two obvious drawbacks to this is that you can only stream music to a single Airport at any given moment, and that you can only use this function with iTunes.

Here is where Airfoil comes in, it lets you stream to multiple Airports simultaneously, and lets you stream any audio on your computer. This is great for broadcasting internet radio, DVD audio tracks (though as there is a very noticeable lag in the broadcast time you need to use something like VLC to manually synch up the audio and video tracks), or even Skype calls.

So our wonderful new home still has no furniture or curtains, but it has an amazing wireless music system pumping out tunes in every room.



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