27 May 2006

An elegant weapon for a more civilized age

So while I was in San Francisco, Apple decided to go and launch their new MacBooks. I happened to be walking past the Apple Store on the morning of the launch, and thought to myself, "hmmn, would it really hurt to take a moment and stop in?", so I did.

The new MacBooks are nice, I'm not sold on the shiny screen yet, but they look and feel right (which as you all know are the main elements to consider when selecting a computer). Now I know that in the past, I have made the occasional impulse purchase of consumer electronics that I did not have an immediate need for, but I am very proud to say that on this occasion I refrained. No MacBook for me.

Unfortunately the main reason for this is that on the Monday after I left for SF, my brand spanking new 17" MacBook Pro arrived at my office in Dublin, with 2.16 Ghz of Intel Core Duo goodness.


And what is the first thing that I do with it when I get home? Why I install MacSaber, of course, the application that uses the MacBook Pro's inbuilt motion sensors to make light saber sounds every time you move it. This truly has to be seen to be appreciated.

And yes, it can only end in disaster.


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