25 April 2006

I think the survivors would envy the dead

This is a week of ethical dilemmas. Still racked with guilt from indulging my Mac fetish (iFetish?) on Earth Day comes the fact that this is TV Turnoff week. This is the one week of the year that we are encouraged to turn off our television sets and go out and do something less boring instead (not a new idea, the Why Don't You? gang were suggesting that very same thing twenty years ago, ironically in the opening credits of their TV show).

"Job done", I reply with some satisfaction. I do not actually watch that much live TV, so this shouldn't be a problem. The devil, of course, is in the details; in this case, the crutch that is the word 'live', for, of course, I do record a whole heap of stuff on my Mac Mini.

Are DVRs and other recorded televisual media included in the clarion call of TV Turnoff Week? Can I watch recorded programming if I fast forward through the ads? Do I have to wait until next week to watch, or is even that cheating? Now I understand how a succession of Pontiffs have felt in the face of advances in science that St Paul could never have imagined.

If the episode of "Lost" that I watched last night on my laptop was in fact recorded last week in a different country (thank you iTunes), without a TV ever actually being turned on in my house, have I really betrayed the spirit of TV Turnoff Week?

Have I really?


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