24 April 2006

Didn't get laid, I got in a fight (1 year fixed vs variable tracker)

The theme of this weekend was Convergence, for more reasons than is immediately obvious. I went to a party on Saturday night and met up with some mates that i hadn't seen in a while. The evening was going great, the beers were flowing, and that's when it happened. I turned in to one of "those" people. You know, "adults". I put my beer down and realised that for the last 15 minutes about 5 of us were all talking about mortgages. I was shaken, and couldn't do anything for a moment or two, and then in a twelve-step moment felt compelled to point this out to the group - we were "those" people, the old folks that stand in corners at parties and talk about mortgages.

How did this happen? How could we let this happen?

Well, in fairness one of my friends involved in the conversation is in fact also my mortgage broker (how do I have a broker? How did I let this happen?), and he was my mate long before he was my broker, or indeed a broker of any kind. And two of the other folks in the conversation had also got their mortgage through him (again, friends first, mortgage later), so you could say that it was inevitable, in a self-fulfilling prophecy sort of way.

Anyway, although this party was at a (for me) complete strangers house, within five minutes of arriving three separate people had come to me and said "hey, I know you". No good can come from this statement. The first was someone whose brother was in school with me, the second was someone who was in college at the same time as me, and the third (whose party it was) was the son of a former employer of the Very Understanding Girlfriend. Dublin is just too small.

I woke up on Sunday feeling a little dazed and confused by my new found status as one of 'those' people, and so the Very Understanding Girlfriend and I went in to a Slow Food day event hosted by the Convergence Festival. We were involved in organizing the event a few years ago, and it was amazing to see how large it's grown. I took this as a sign of the increasing desire in Ireland to live a more sustainable, environmentally conscious lifestyle. The event is held every year in Dublin around World Earth Day, and has a wide range of events, workshops and seminars that would appeal to just about anybody with even a casual interest in a greener way of living.

As I was leaving the event I walked through the shop, and picked up a few things for the house; fluoride free toothpaste, a book on peak oil, the latest issue of Ad Busters, and, um, well, a solar-powered recharger for my iPod. You know, just the necessities.

I go to a sustainable festival, and end up buying stuff for my iPod.

See - Convergence!


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