19 March 2006

Under Pressure

The trouble with the t'interweb is the fear that it engenders that somebody, somewhere, might be reading what you write, and have high expectations of your content. I remember an old Onion article about someone finding out that their parents read their blog, and this fear led me to the blogging equivalent of always leaving home with a nice pair of underwear in case you get knocked down by a car; ie nice, family-safe content, but not necessarily the most interesting read.

Taking a look over some of my friends' blogs, I've noticed that people have started to link to me, which while good for my ranking in search engines, is bad from a 'crap, now I have to write something interesting' perspective.

Thanks Tim.

Now this is more like work.


At 12:58 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Revenge means that when you write "Tim" you should also include his last name and a link to his blog. Google will love it!

At 4:29 pm, Blogger timothy paul yenter said...

I'm just doing my small part to sap the joy out of other people's lives.


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