31 March 2006

There once was an ugly duckling...

Happy news came in a small package today, in the form of a slightly battered, slightly grimey Apple G4 Cube. This bad boy clocks in at a blistering 450Mhz / 512MB / 40GB.

Smokin', I think you will agree.

The reason for this happy arrival? I picked it up on a popular online auction site for €200. Never mind that my iPod is closer to developing sentience than the Cube ever will, at €200 I don't care how worn it looks.

How worn does it look? Well, after touching it I feel like washing my hands - I am left wondering was it used to render chip fat in a greasy take-away. The insides are fine, if a bit smoky, but everything works fine - it even runs Tiger (slowly, veeeeeeery slowly).

So I took it apart to try and clean it up, and went down to see our tech-support guys to see if they had one of those funny star-shaped screwdrivers. That's when the laughing began. The nicest comment that was made about my poor, unloved Cube was on it's striking resemblance to a toaster (the scorch marks don't help).

I took it away before it could hear more such hurtful things.

Update: I am compelled to note that The Very Understanding Girlfriend has pointed out that the above highly detailed (and Apple heavy) photo was taken with a phone (a sony ericsson w800i) alas not yet made by Apple, but surely only a matter of time.


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