21 March 2006

Panic on the streets of Mountain View

The advantage of the Sunday papers is the fact that they are the gift that just keeps giving. I was reading the Observer music magazine last night, as you do, and there's an interesting interview with Morrissey in it. In an effort to avoid asking boring, obvious questions like "who are your influences", the journalist cunningly goes for the "Morrissey, you hate interviews, isn't it ironic that you're now doing one and the first question I ask you is all about how you hate interviews, gosh aren't I clever" approach.

I was about to stop reading and return to the shockingly accurate horoscope section (as described on Sunday), when Morrissey's answer caught my eye:

"Let's face it, pretty much any info you need is already out there on Google. Interviews never go away any longer. They just pile up and up and up for the rest of time. If people want to know something about a subject, they can just find it themselves... Pre-Google, a writer preparing for an interview had to do genuine research involving paper, libraries, legwork and some dimension of vim. The accumulation of prior interviews was difficult, yet research effort, when made, was always apparent during the interview. This research went a long way to making said subject try harder to be responsive. These days, one merely Googles and goes to the 137th page of results to give the illusion of in-depth investigation." as quoted by Douglas Coupland

It's long been a sneaky suspicion of mine that just as the remote control made America fat, and the spell checker made people illiterate, one day the internet will make people stupid; with all the world's information available just a click away, people will know longer need to think as hard, or remember things - and imagine what it would be like to live in a world without trivia (I think the survivors would envy the dead).

Or maybe I'm just having a Morrissey-triggered flashback to the doom and gloom-laden weekends of my 80's youth, and in the future we'll all be really smart, go to work in flying cars, and have running hot water in our houses.

I love Sundays.
Especially on Mondays...


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