04 March 2006


From our "More Money Than Sense" department (closely linked to the "Very Understanding Girlfriend" department) comes the purchase of the new iPod Hi-Fi.

Though I thought the release of the new Intel Mac Mini was interesting, it wasn't enough to make me rush out and by a new one. I'm happy with my current old school Mini, snuggled up nicely to an EyeTV 200 acting as a DVR, and until Apple actually release the media centre Mini that everyone is looking for, I don't think I'll be trading up.

No, it wasn't the Intel Mini, it wasn't even the ridiculously over-priced leather cases Steve tried to flog at Tuesday's (non) event; nope - my overstretched wallet went 'ker-ching!' when I saw the iPod Hi-Fi. True to form Apple Ireland had it up on their site by the end of the media launch, and yes, my order had sadly been confirmed moments later, and it arrived on Friday morning all white, shiny and (strangely) cool to the touch.

I've had the chance to try it out in both an office and home setting, and I have to say that I'm impressed with the sound. I don't think you get the best out of it if you have it on your desk - it definitely is meant to fill the room, which I only got to do when I took it home (my colleagues in the offices around me are understanding, but not that understanding). The sound is rich and deep, and loud - you can crank it pretty high and not loose anything; I did notice a difference in the richness though between some of the tracks I downloaded from iTunes, and stuff that I've ripped myself, but only a slight difference - I've noticed the same thing when I play burned iTunes tracks at gigs - but to be honest it's not that big a thing, and only at very high volume.

And the best thing is, the Very Understanding Girlfriend says that it looks cool, so I guess that means it can stay!


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